Cruise from vancouver and explore the food of pacific northwest

The Asian and Pacific Northwestern influences on Vancouver, British Columbia, are especially evident in the city’s food scene. Before or after you cruise from Vancouver, leave time to enjoy some of the best food in Canada.

Central Location In addition to its proximity to water, Vancouver is home to beautiful mountain vistas — its northern edge, in fact, is formed by the Coast Mountain range.
While Vancouver is only 24 miles north of the Canada–United States border, it’s also halfway between Western Europe and the Asia Pacific countries, facilitating an eclectic mix of cultural influences.

Sample the Seafood
Vancouver’s location is prime for fantastic seafood. You’ll find the menus of local restaurants filled with oysters, salmon, prawns, mussels, Dungeness crab, and many other forms of Pacific Northwest seafood.

Traditionally an English favorite, fish and chips is a top seller in Vancouver, too. Many menus will offer their own versions of this dish made with halibut, a popular fish in this area. However, some restaurants will make it with snapper or salmon as well.

Savor Asian Cuisine
Much of Vancouver’s food has been heavily influenced by Asian cultures. Some dishes have become especially popular:

Izakayas. Essentially Japanese tapas restaurants, izakaya bars have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Locals and visitors alike flock to these venues for the atmosphere, as well as dishes like the pan-fried gyozas and seared mackerel.

Japadogs. You don’t have to book a table to get a Japanese-style hot dog. These hot dogs are sold on the street through popular Canadian vendor Japadog. Don’t look for your typical mustard and relish here — these dogs are usually topped with items such as seaweed, kurogoma (black sesame), and wasabi.

Authentic Chinese food. Vancouver is also the place to indulge in authentic Chinese food. Check out one of the city’s Chinese restaurants for soup dumplings, curried beef brisket, and hot pot soup that will transport your taste buds to China.

Gorge on Granville Island
Whether you take a Coastal cruise or an Alaska cruise, It’s impossible to taste all the local delicacies before you cruise from Vancouver, but you have a good chance of trying many varieties if you head to Granville Island. The enormous market here is known for a selection of ethnic food, as well as fresh fish, bakery goods, and produce. There are tables inside and outside by the water, so everyone in your group can enjoy a snack or meal together.

Before you leave Granville Island, be sure to sample some of Vancouver’s famed coffee — a cappuccino here will rival anything you’ll find at home. One sip, and you’ll feel brand new.